The history about OIM

Ali Jehanfard and Arash Golshenas started OIM in 2011, home at Ali’s dining table in Malmö. They envisioned creating a management company called One Incredible Management (OIM).

When the company was registered in 2011, both Ali and Arash were out on consulting assignments. It was not until 2014 that the business began to really take off when OIM’s first project manager Olof was hired, and since then the company has grown at rocket speed!

In 2011, OIM was founded when Ali Jehanfard and Arash Golshenas start up the company


OIM was founded by Ali Jehanfard and Arash Golshenas

As an off-site consultant, you contribute with your expertise to make a difference in the customer's product development.


First employees hired as project managers (1 employee)

In 2016, OIM's in-house operations will start and there are a total of 8 employees


In 2016, OIM’s in-house studio was created (8 employees)

2019 OIM receives its first production order


First production order
(13 employees)

During the pandemic, OIM invents a face mask for healthcare professionals called RedHalo


During the pandemic, OIM invents a face mask for healthcare “RedHalo”
(18 employees)

OIM will receive the Gazelle Company award at the end of 2021. There are now 34 employees.


OIM receives Gazelle Company Award 2021
(34 employees)

A superhero icon to show the power of the Innovation Center to employees


OIM receives Gazelle Company Award 2022
(35 employees)

Här görs en produktvisualisering i 3D eller designskiss tillsammans med OIM


Innovation Center is created
(40 employees)

Who is OIM Sweden?

OIM is one of Sweden’s most innovative Product Development Companies with a concept that combines technical competence with people, innovation, and business acumen.
In 2021 and 2022, we were elected a Gazelle Company!

OIM was named a Gazelle Company 2021 and 2022

Jonathan Ramb utför produktutveckling på OIM

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