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Product development and creating game changing design for our clients is our comfort zone.
The strength at OIM is our development expertise. Whether it be our in-house team or using an on-site consultant, you get the full service from our team where we actively share our knowledge between us and making sure that we deliver great solutions.
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A New Chapter

April 7, 2021
A new chapter for OIM! We are very excited to announce Ann Kryhl as OIM’s new deputy CEO.
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Vinnova Grant for Redhalo System

July 6, 2020
For a few weeks we have been working on the Pandemic Relief Initiative. We are so incredibly thankful for everyones participation in the project and we couldn´t do it without you.
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Why? Because it's awesome!

July 29, 2020
A little in-house project we are working on. A hydroponics system where nutrition water flows in a closed loop system to the plants roots, supplying us with fresh basil at the office.
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Step into our office.

August 5, 2020
We moved into our new office a couple of months back. Still in the same building but in a larger space and more customized to our needs. There is still some stuff to get right and some plans that we want to execute.
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OIM signs framework agreement with TEQCool

August 12, 2020
Our investment in differentiating ourselves and expanding our range of services has fallen into place on the market. The services we offer cover the entire spectrum from taking an idea in its simplest form forward.
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Let's innovate together

August 13, 2020
We are always looking to work with talented people. We strive to combine technology, design, management and entrepreneurship in a high-quality project output.
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