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Who are OIM Sweden?

OIM is one of Sweden’s most innovative Product Development Companies with a concept that combines technical competence with people, innovation, and business acumen.

OIM was named a Gazelle Company in 2021 and 2022!

OIM was named a Gazelle Company 2021 and 2022

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Our services

As an electronics designer with us, you work with electronics design at PCB level with memories, microprocessors and peripheral circuits such as sensors, etc.

Product development

OIM uses a certified product development process, where we guide our customers through all the steps from idea to product ready for launch, all in a quality-conscious way.

OIM has a rich legacy of running product development projects in-house and our ISO 13485 guarantees quality and structure.

Product Development
Arash Golshenas och en kollega pratar om hur affärsupplägget gemensamma affärer fungerar på OIM Sweden

Joint Businesses

Almost every customer or project that we collaborate with sees new possibilities and that is something we support and have a business model for.

Joint Businesses are a great way to use current ideas in current projects to create innovations. Some of the ideas even can become a whole new business case. Try us out!

Joint Businesses
Claes Gustafsson förklarar hur kapitalanskaffning kjan hjälpa kunder som har produktutvecklingsbehov

Capital funding

The process of realizing an idea, product or service can be overwhelming, therefore OIM has made sure to offer an alternative for every project, no matter the size of funding. With our product development experience since 2011, we have created a range of funding solutions that can be tailored to fit every type of business idea.

Capital Funding

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OIM has an ISO 13485 certification

 Working in the MedTech field requires strict requirements and regulations as well as solid quality assurance. We are ISO 13485-certified for both development and production within Life Sciences. We have experience working on technology-intensive projects that require efficiency and tight schedules.

OIM Sweden has a ISO 13485-certification

We are looking for more driven engineers! See our available jobs

See available jobs

OIM becomes your R&D department

For many companies, our solution of assisting with an R&D department can be crucial for the innovation’s ability to enter the market. We know what it takes to get from an idea to a finished product so that you as a customer can focus on what you are really good at.

  • Combined technical expertise
  • Fully equipped premises
  • You save time and money
  • Quality assured production
OIM har kompletta lokaler för att driva kundens R&D-avdelning


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Rewarded as start up of the year
Award for “Årets Nybyggare” 2023

October 18, 2023

Yesterday the founders and co-owners of OIM Sweden Arash Golshenas and Ali Jehanfard, received the award for “Årets Nybyggare” Region South. Both of them were nominated together and ultimately won the category "Årets Nystart" for their work in one of ...
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Have a nice summer

July 10, 2023

Summer, summer, summer! After four months as CEO of OIM, I give you my reflection just in time for the holidays and half-time rest of 2023. It has been fantastic to be part of the community I experience at OIM and the results we deliver to our customers. ...
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Oim sweden spermosens har färdigställt juno checked instrument
OIM och Spermosens have completed instrument for research purposes

May 26, 2023

JUNO-Checked Instrument for research purposes completed. Spermosens AB has together with OIM Sweden AB completed and streamlined the production of JUNO-Checked Instruments for research purposes. -“Completion of the instrument for research purposes is a ma...
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This is what you get at OIM

OIM Sweden erbjuder en komplett produktutvecklingsprocess, från idé till färdig produkt

Complete product development

We have all in-house. Our premises houses offices space, workshop, lab, prototype workshop and production area, all so that we can take your idea to a finished product to the market. As an engineer, you get to contribute with your ideas and be involved from the start of the project to the end where you can follow the results all way.

OIM erbjuder innovativa lösningar genom sin långa tekniska erfarenhet

Innovative customer solutions

Great emphasis is placed on hiring people who, through their innovative power, want to change everyday life worldwide and have a drive to innovate Sweden’s future in product development. As an employee, you are involved and contribute to tomorrow’s product development with your innovative thoughts to make smart and future-proof products.

OIMs erbjuder teknisk kompetens för alla delar inom produktutvecklingscykeln

Technical excellence

We have expertise in all the necessary disciplines to drive innovative product development, such as mechanics, industrial design, electronics, software, hardware, QA and production technology. We have many years of experience in what it takes to run complex product development projects for our customers. As an employee your competence will be crucial for OIM’s customers.

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