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Thomas Hellström

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Jesper Hallberg works as Business Area Manager at OIM Sweden AB

Jesper Hallberg

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Sofie Magnoy works as Marketing Manager at OIM Sweden AB

Sofie Magnoy

Marketing Manager

+46 766-26 15 16

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Peter Norrman arbetar som kvalitetsingenjör på OIM Sweden

Peter Norrman

Production- and QA Manager

+46 766-10 19 59

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Ali Jehanfard works as CEO and also founder of OIM Sweden AB

Ali Jehanfard

Senior Advisor and founder

+46 766-10 90 89

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Arash Golshenas works as CTO and also founder of OIM Sweden AB

Arash Golshenas

Owner and founder

+46 737-77 43 42

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Peter Arndt arbetar som Partner och ägare av OIM Sweden AB

Peter Arndt

Partner and co-owner

+46 708-62 70 20

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