OIM and the customer do joint business and share the risk in product development

Joint Businesses

We find creative solutions to your business development challenges. Can we do something together as a business arrangement? Maybe share the risk? There are endless possibilities!

OIM’s founders and owners have extensive experience in running companies from start-up through growth and finding innovative solutions that suit different types of companies.

Our business model and your innovation

Almost every customer and each project we support end up in new business opportunities and this is something we strongly support and for which we of course have a business model. Joint business, for us, is a good way to utilize ideas that have emerged from existing assignments. Ideas that may not fit the existing projects but in another project will have the ability to build their own business case.
Depending on the idea itself, we will find a suitable project model to support and nurture the idea.

Joint business for OIM is a good way to leverage ideas that have emerged from existing assignments

We find a business collaboration that suits you

We can, for example, be involved and take part of the risk in the project, allocate development hours to a part of the company or simply go in as an investor in the company to get you to raise capital to be able to develop products.

Depending on the idea and market potential, OIM can be involved in finding creative solutions to co-finance the development. For example, the risk can be transferred to the production cost, which is activated in connection with the sale of the product. In this way, we can jointly find a quick way to take your idea to market and thus start generating revenue.

OIM is happy to be involved in finding creative solutions to co-finance product development

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