Our in-house business includes workshop, lab, production, assembly and office space, all so that we can carry out product development for real.

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The feeling is a bit raw, the walls are built in OSB boards, and old, reused industrial windows serve as partitions for the offices. There is an energetic feeling in the air. In-house studio, interdisciplinary project work, machines, electronics lab, and Medtech production are all housed under one roof.

Our in-house business includes workshops, labs, production, montage, and office space, all so that we can carry out product development for real.


Here you can see pictures from our premises

The office houses workplaces, kitchens, areas for community, and conference rooms. The office space contains both office space and an open landscape with creative workspaces. The common areas have space for mingling and customer events, as well as space for working together in a lovely armchair or around a larger bar table.

We have a special area for MedTech production for our customer’s products.

OIM has an ISO 13485 certification which is a standard for quality management relating to medical devices. The standard is based on ISO 9001 but has higher requirements for formal documentation and specific requirements for product safety. Certification according to ISO 13485 makes it easier for companies by meeting customer needs while meeting the legal requirements that exist for the manufacture of medical products.

Our workshop, the lab, and other creative surfaces and cool machines.

We have 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, and many other machines to take an idea into a finished product.

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