Software/System Development

What does a Software-/System Developer do?

A System Developer is responsible for designing, programming, testing, maintaining, and debugging software applications. This can include mobile apps, desktop programs, web applications, or other systems on a variety of platforms. You could say that a system developer works to develop all the applications that a user can use.

What is usually said to distinguish a System Developer from a Software Developer (or programmer) is that the Software Developer writes code to develop programs, while a system developer focuses on developing systems.

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What programs do Software Developer use?

The only program I feel dependent on is Visual Studio Code. Otherwise, I adapt to whatever program or solution best suits the different projects. I like to streamline and set up environments so I don’t have to switch text editors. For example, I’d rather use VS code instead of QT Creator. And I’ll do anything to avoid coding in Apple’s Xcode.
Otherwise, I love working with Cloudflare’s different services and APIs. Chrome’s various developer tools are also invaluable for web development.

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Three quick questions

We asked three quick questions to our Software Developer Marcus Bernroth.



Why software development?

I kind of stumbled into software development by chance.
The best thing about the role is that it’s challenging and you always have something new to learn. It’s a creative job where you get to create solutions that make things work. You’re constantly raising the bar, solving new problems, and getting better at finding solutions to your new challenges.


Most fun project?

The most fun project has been Repro where I had to dive into mechanics and electronics to be able to make the software improvements the customer wanted.
Repro and OIM have together developed an ice cream dispenser.


Which projects have you worked on?

I have worked on OIM’s website in 2022. I have been involved in a MedTech project that goes into the area of virus detection but has also done something completely different that worked with the software of an ice cream dispenser for Repro.

Do you make use of the knowledge you acquired when you studied?

Of course, there are a variety of courses one can take that have direct practical applications in one’s daily work. I took a course called E-Commerce Manager at IHM Business School in Malmö. It was a practical course in e-commerce with a focus on digital marketing and economics, where I acquired a lot of business thinking. We also had a course in project management that was very educational.

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What is the best thing about working as a Software Developer?

I like creating things that other people like and want to use. It’s a balancing act between UX and design. It’s challenging and stimulating. It can be very frustrating but it rarely gets boring, and it’s very rewarding to finally get something to work. You can generally work from anywhere as long as you have a computer.

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What sets OIM apart from other companies?

What sets OIM apart from a larger company when it comes to software- or system development is that here we have no guidelines or regulations that must be followed and thus there is automatically more responsibility on the employee. Here you can choose the technology based on what fits best for a particular project so you get a lot more flexibility, which suits me very well. In larger companies, there are often many regulations that must be followed and one becomes more directed.

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Do you have any dream assignments as a Software Developer?

The most fun I know is to get different systems to work and communicate with each other, so a dream assignment would perhaps be a physical device with a screen that is connected to a cloud service so that you combine embedded, cloud, and frontend development. That would be cool!

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Do you want to work as a Software Developer?

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