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A holistic approach to development.

It’s not enough with a great idea. Throughout the years we have developed a model that takes into account, not only the different stages of development, but also how to reach the market and the right target group. The interaction between the three services equals an agile process that identifies the right business model for your project, facilitates new business opportunities along the way and implements innovative development. We will customize which services are relevant for closing the gap in your project.

Product Development.

We support all our customers with technical competence and do not separate In-house or consulting. We focus on supporting the project and customer in the best way possible and it all ends up in thourough customer insight and a wide range of technical know-how. We put all our effort in ensuring positive outcome and performance.

To support our business model, we actively work with our vast network and bring in more expertise, if needed.Production, prototypes and demonstrators are a vital part of speeding up the process in technology driven projects, that’s why we offer this service to our customers. OIM covers all the required competences, everything from industrial design, mechanical engineering, hardware and software engineering, project managers and production specialists.

In-house studio
Industrial Design
Expert Network

Embedded Systems
Mechanical Engineering
User Interface
FEM Analysis &

Electronics Design
Software Engineering
Software Architecture
Design for Production

Concept Evaluation
Product Testing
Test Development
Medtech Product

Design for CE

Intelligent Business.

The services we promote under “IB” are mainly focusing on project performance. We have our own digital development process and have established a good setup to perform joint projects ventures together with our customers.

Nearly every customer and project we support ends up in new business opportunities and that is something we strongly support and have a model for. Intelligent business, for us, is a way of making good use of ideas emerged from existing assignments. Ideas that perhaps don’t fit the existing projects but in another setup will have the ability to build its own business case. Depending on the idea itself, we will find a suitable project model to support and nurture it.

Joint Project
Management Consulting

Business Development
Project Management
Digital Development Process

Capital Funding.

The first steps to realizing an idea, product or service are always the hardest and we have made sure that we can provide an option for each project independent on size. Ranging from models for smaller projects to large endeavours with the goal of reaching a vast international market.

United Gazelle is a proven methodology based on the fact that Gazelle companies, succeed to bring new innovative ideas to the market faster and more efficiently than already established companies. This service is a short cut to “proof of concept” based on the fact that a demonstrator is necessary to gain the needed market trust and to encourage new investors.
Euro Funding can help you reach a global community. Primarily aimed at project that have a high innovation factor, a prospect of reaching an international market and that has a demonstrational prototype.

Euro Funding
United Gazelle

Venture Capital

Investment Opportunities