Project Management

What does a Project Manager do?

A Project Manager organizes and creates capability within the project to achieve project goals. They are responsible for ensuring that a project is completed on time, with the right quality, and within budget.
There are different types of projects, the projects at OIM are often development projects where ideas and sketches are taken to a finished product. Projects can be goal-driven or goal-seeking. Goal-seeking is a more suitable method in research and development projects where one starts from visions and overall requirements.

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What software do you use as a Project Manager?

As a Project Manager, it is effective to use some type of planning tool to keep track of both resources and the schedule of the project. Of course, you can also use Excel with several different sheets. There are so many project management tools, so you simply have to try out which one suits your business and project best. At OIM we use, among other things, a tool called Monday.


Three quick questions

We asked our project manager Martin Nyqvist three quick questions.



The best thing about your role?

The best thing about working as a Project Manager is that you really get to be involved from start to finish. You get to see a sketch from an Industrial Designer and in the collaboration between mechanics, electronics and software, you then get to see an incredibly cool end result.


Funniest project?

It is difficult to decide on just one project. However, I absolutely like working on projects that make a difference for people and have a great positive impact on the future.


What projects have you worked on?

I have worked on two MedTech projects, one is a diagnostic system for fertility and the other is about diagnosis and treatment of cancer. These are both challenging and exciting projects because they help people live a better life.

What do you need to study to become a Project Manager?

There are Project Management courses to take at different universities, freestanding private courses, and various certifications. Relationships, structure, and curiosity are key aspects of Project Management. Take an interest in several areas so you can communicate more effectively.

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What do you think a Project Manager should not do?

It is important not to think that you should solve all problems yourself, but the entire project team should be composed so that you can take advantage of each other’s strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

Always be flexible, give and take but have firm goals and frameworks. Make sure that it does not become a tug of war between different individuals, but enables the project to constantly move forward through ongoing communication and ensure that everyone is involved.

Do you have a dream project as a Project Manager?

My dream project had been something with a lot of innovation and joy. It is not so much about the product itself, but more about the atmosphere and joy of the project and, of course, that it leads to great value creation.

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Some advice for anyone who wants to become a Project Manager

If we think competence, think breadth instead of depth. Make sure to run as many different projects as you can to gather experience, big and small. Be curious!



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Make sure to stick to the core team so that the same team runs the project to the end, and the result will be at its best.

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Choosing the right methods and techniques for the project can be challenging at first but it brings so much savings later on. Don’t be afraid to adapt the methodologies to fit the project and not the other way around. Make a resource analysis of who needs to be involved in the project, when they need to be activated, and in which activities it will be easy to see what future resource needs will come.


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It is important that the guidelines for when the project is hand-over have been set at an early stage. To determine early when the project is considered completed is especially important when deliverables change during the project.


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Make a lesson learned during the project and not just afterward. Be flexible and don’t expect to do the same and get a different result.

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Do you want to work as a Project Manager?

See if we have any vacancies or call us on +46 40-13 13 69. You can also contact us via the form below!

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