What does a production technician do?

The role can look very different depending on what company you work for, but on the whole, you build or assemble products and solutions to be produced. As a production technician, you are in the last stage of product development before the products are released.
The goal of a production technician’s work is that manufacturing should take place as efficiently as possible.


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Three quick questions

We asked our production technician Thomas Carnesir three quick questions.


The best thing about your role?

The best part is that you get to realize all the ideas that an engineer in the team has come up with. As a production technician, you can then input changes to make it more efficient to assemble a product or other changes that improve production ability. It is essential to have good communication in the team and of course that you have responsive colleagues.

Any fun projects?

The absolute most fun project so far is to work with Medtech products that make a difference for people. Then you feel that your contribution to product development and production will really benefit and perhaps improve someone’s life.


What did you do in 2022?

I have mainly worked with Polarcool, which is a medical technology company that develops, markets, and sells products in sports medicine. Another project has involved a product that is a cognitive and sensory stimulating aid.
I also got to make an effort to Arrow Lake, which has developed an ozone generator.

What software do you use in your work?

It is very different from which software you use as a production technician, but it can be good with some type of CAD-viewing tool so that you can go into the drawings to see specific details and be able to provide feedback to engineers regarding improvements. Otherwise, the job is mostly dependent on being able to open drawings in pdf or Word. Then it is important to use various physical tools to assemble the products.


What distinguishes OIM from other companies you have worked in?

At OIM there is a very open organization and culture. You get insight into the entire product development process and can give comments and improvements to the person who sat and designed the product. Here you also get to do a little of everything, it is not so controlled that you only get to assemble a part of a product, but the whole is on your table and you get to be involved in the entire process and see the product grow from idea to a finished product.

Andreas and Thomas are working in the workshop studio

Dream assignment for you?

A dream assignment for me would be to work with robotics, it feels like the future and there are a lot of opportunities in that area. I myself have gained a different understanding of how we can make the best use of robotics. For example, monotonous work can be replaced with a robot and the operator’s tasks can then be developed to instead work on giving the robot instructions on what work it should perform and the operator can focus on performing service so the robot is always in the best condition.

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What distinguishes a production engineer from a production engineer?

A production technician works more with improvements and streamlining of the production chain.

A production engineer covers everything from the design of production systems with, among other things, control technology, production simulation, and robots, to IT, project management, and finance.


Your top three tips for becoming a better production technician?

  • As a production technician, you need to see the big picture in the production chain and be responsive to improve and streamline the work. If you experience any element as ineffective, communicate it to the engineer who designed the solution so you together can create an even better product in all aspects.



  • You need to be able to think a step further than just assembling the machine, for example, you can figure out how the machine will later be maintained efficiently and easily, and how to perform service in the best way.



  • Try to be involved already in the prototype stage and the production technician’s views and improvements will make the assembly time shorter and more efficient. It is important to be driven and want to change the work continuously.


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Do you want to work as a production technician?

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