Tendo signs a production agreement with OIM Sweden

Tendo and OIM signs production agreement

Tendo and OIM have jointly signed a production agreement for the product Tendo OneGrip, a glove with an integrated exoskeleton that assists people with limited hand function as a result of a spinal cord injury.

During the past six months, OIM has worked to develop, optimize and adapt Tendo OneGrip to the market and now with the new agreement also has the opportunity to produce the product and strengthen the collaboration with Tendo.

“- We are very proud that Tendo gives us the confidence to produce their revolutionary product Tendo OneGrip. Their strong team shares the same passion as OIM, to change people’s lives. With our long experience of complex product development within MedTech and Tendo’s experience in robotics and design, we together reach a groundbreaking product”, says Ali Jehanfard, CEO of OIM Sweden.

Ali Jehanfard, CEO, 0766-10 90 89, ali.jehanfard@oimsweden.com

Sofie Magnoy, Marketing Manager, 0766-26 15 16, sofie.magnoy@oimsweden.com