OIM and Spermosens sign partner agreement

Spermosens in partnership with OIM

Spermosens AB (publ) signs an agreement with OIM Sweden AB for the production of Juno-Checked Instruments®. Through the agreement, Spermosen is ensured access to high-quality and flexible production capacity.

The cooperation agreement with OIM Sweden AB in Malmö gives Spermosen access to a high-quality as well as flexible ISO-certified production capacity, which can be scaled up as needed to handle Spermosen’s global demand. Through flexible production capacity, both quality and cost-effectiveness are ensured.

Spermosens develops revolutionary products for male fertility diagnostics and fertility treatment. With Spermosen’s Juno-Checked System®, it will for the first time be possible to assess the sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg cell and choose the most suitable fertility treatment to achieve fertilization with a reduced number of treatments.

-“We at OIM are very happy to have had the honor of being a partner of Spermosens, which develops a groundbreaking product that facilitates a choice that many struggles with. The opportunity to work with something that makes a real difference for people is close to OIM’s heart”, says Arash Golshenas, Co-founder at OIM Sweden.

-“I am very pleased that we have signed an agreement with OIM Sweden AB. By outsourcing the production of JUNO-Checked instruments to a high-quality supplier in the industry, an important piece of the puzzle falls into place and we are prepared for scaling up production”, says John Lempert, CEO of Spermosens.

OIM Sweden has ISO 13485 certification that covers both development and production in Life Science. With its long experience in Medtech projects, OIM Sweden can complement the knowledge that Spermosens possesses and together produce a product that makes a difference for people.



Arash Golshenas, Founder of OIM Sweden, +46 737 77 43 42, arash.golshenas@www.oimsweden.com

Sofie Magnoy, Marketing Manager at OIM Sweden, +46 766 26 15 16, sofie.magnoy@www.oimsweden.com