Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at OIM Sweden

Some words from our acting CEO

Our acting CEO Ali Jehanfard has reflected on the year and writes some of his thoughts below.
As we are getting closer to the end of another eventful and fantastic year at OIM and with a few days until Christmas Eve, I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a few lines about the past year and about the year ahead. 2022 has had its challenges and setbacks, but that was balanced out and weighed over by great achievements and success stories for us to bring into the new year. Both in the form of exciting customer projects and, above all, fantastic employees. Together, we have managed to turn a challenging spring and autumn into a great prerequisite for entering 2023.

Some highlights to spotlight are, among other things, that we were appointed as Gazelle also in 2022, as there are not many companies that meet the tough goals of becoming Gazelles at all. The fact that we managed to become Gazelles for the second year in a row. and also With the hard work, we have put in over the past year even have the chance to take a hat-trick in Gazelles 2023 – what a fantastic effort.

In addition to this, we have received several new customers, continued to build on our MedTech portfolio, trimmed the organization for the coming years where we defined some new roles and functions, recertified ourselves against ISO13485 (3 years review), delivered on several innovative projects and at the same time managed to welcome several new employees.

If we look a little ahead to 2023, there will be a lot of news during the year that can be of joy for both our staff and our fantastic customers. We create the conditions to be able to lift OIM to the next level and with a solid base in place for the new year, we give ourselves enormously good conditions to succeed.

It is essential for us at OIM to create and make a difference for people in different ways and contribute to more innovative ideas becoming a reality. I would like to end by wishing everyone a fantastic and peaceful Christmas and look forward to 2023 where we take OIM to new heights.

/Ali Jehanfard, acting CEO of OIM Sweden