Together with Diagonal Bio, OIM has developed their Panviral system

OIM and Diagonal Bio at Sedemera-day

OIM Sweden was invited to Sedermeradagen in Malmö with our customer Diagonal Bio. Diagonal Bio unveiled the first Research Use Only Panviral instrument which OIM developed together with Diagonal Bio.

The Panviral system enables accurate detection, in-line with the PCR-based technologies, but ultra-fast, within 10-15 minutes, of genetic markers from essentially any type of genetic material (DNA or RNA). One of the unique features of Panviral is the ability to analyze multiple samples and/or multiple genetic markers in parallel. OIM is very proud of being a development partner for Diagonal Bio and we look forward to continuing the cooperation with The Panviral system.

From left in the picture: Arash Golshenas, founder and Co-owner at OIM Sweden, and Jack Egelund, CEO at Diagonal Bio.