The RedHalo project that OIM conducted received money from Vinnova

RedHalo received Vinnova funding

For a number of weeks, we have been working on the “Pandemic Relief Initiative” project. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s participation in the project and it would not have been possible without your help.

The first idea for RedHalo was born in creating a protective mask that can help both healthcare professionals and patients during the ongoing pandemic and now the idea has become a project we will continue to work on.

Recently, we applied for Vinnova funding aimed at supporting projects that can help society in the ongoing crisis. A few days ago, we received word that we, along with some other companies with good ideas, have been selected to receive funding. This will allow us to create a product that targets the specific user needs of medical professionals and that can be used multifunctionally to help patients as well. Some of you have seen the damage to the faces of healthcare professionals when they wear face masks, the pressure and abrasions over time are significant.
One of our main goals is to create a product that can be used for many hours at a time without causing discomfort. However, the most important function that we are going to focus on is to increase the protection of both the user and their surroundings. Stay tuned for more information.