Oim sweden spermosens har färdigställt juno checked instrument

OIM och Spermosens have completed instrument for research purposes

JUNO-Checked Instrument for research purposes completed. Spermosens AB has together with OIM Sweden AB completed and streamlined the production of JUNO-Checked Instruments for research purposes.

“Completion of the instrument for research purposes is a major step in the work with the JUNO-Checked system. We are now optimizing how the instrument and cassette work together to complete the JUNO-Checked system for research purposes.”, says Ulrik Nilsson, CEO at Spermosens.

-“We are very grateful to be able to produce and implement improvements to Spermosens’ revolutionary instrument that will make it easier for many people. The improvements ensure high quality and significantly reduce manual assembly time. It feels extremely gratifying to be able to deliver the first JUNO-Checked Instruments so that the market can experience a ground-breaking product.”, says Ali Jehanfard, Co-founder at OIM Sweden.