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Gazelle company 2023


Proud so we are almost bursting with joy, we can announce that OIM Sweden also became a Gazelle company for 2023.

Every year, Dagens Industri names Sweden’s most successful companies and names them Gazelle companies. To become a Master Gazelle, you must have been awarded the award for three years or more. Now OIM Sweden joins the exclusive group that has succeeded in doing so.

– “It is with enormous pride that we once again receive the Gazelle of the Year 2023 award, which also makes us Master Gazelle. It is hard teamwork that has made us get here and that we continue to drive innovations and product development from idea to finished product”, says OIM’s CEO Thomas Hellström.

For 21 years, Dagens Industri has elected Sweden’s leading growth companies.

The Master Gazelle is awarded to a few companies that have become Gazelle companies for three years or more since their inception.

Criteria for becoming a Master Gazelle

The company must have been named a Gazelle company at least three times or more during the 21 years that Dagens Industri has been elected Sweden’s leading growth company. The Gazelle survey is based on the company’s four most recent annual reports.

A Gazelle company must have:

  • A turnover exceeding SEK 10 million
  • At least ten employees
  • At least doubled its turnover, if you compare the first and the last financial year
  • Increased its turnover every year for the past three years
  • An overall operating profit for the four financial years that is positive
  • Essentially grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers
  • Sound finances

Let’s continue celebrating!