We are always looking to work with talented people at OIM

Do you want to innovate with us?

We are always looking to work with talented people. We strive to combine technology, design, management, and entrepreneurship in high-quality project production. We are a mix of mechanical engineers, business developers, industrial designers, embedded systems developers, theoretical physicists, and many more, and the personalities of our employees differ equally.
We find tremendous strength in our diverse personal and career backgrounds and apply them daily to our projects.

Why should I work with OIM?
We try to create an atmosphere to increase creativity and be flexible to the individual’s needs.

Do you prefer to be on-site or internally?
We have consultants on-site as well as our own operation and development. Whether you want to work onsite or internally, we make sure that you have an open channel for all colleagues and a way to share competencies under one roof.

Become part of a changing culture.
We are an adaptive company and we continue to evolve every day. If something is important to you, we want to prioritize it. We want our colleagues to be involved in creating our corporate culture to ensure that we continue to develop into an even more fantastic workplace.

I have a great idea for a project!
We want to help you. If our team members have great ideas, we want to be a platform to make them a reality. We can help find funding, create prototypes and connect with the right network of people. If you want to become part of our team, apply for one of our vacancies, read more here.