Jesper Hallberg CEO of OIM Sweden

CEO of OIM Jesper Hallberg

It is with great pleasure that OIM Sweden AB announces that Jesper Hallberg, former COO of OIM, is stepping up as the new CEO.

Jesper has been part of the OIM team since August 2021, when he started as Business Area Manager for Embedded/IT. He transitioned to the role of COO at the beginning of 2023 when the growth in in-house projects increased significantly and the need arose to support the CEO in a role as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

During his time at OIM, Jesper has been a driving force behind several important initiatives that have contributed to OIM’s growth and success. He has built a robust structure around the entire project organization, which has enabled OIM to meet the increased demand for product development projects within MedTech.

Together with Ali Jehanfard, Jesper has also played a crucial role in streamlining the company’s sales and finance functions. Through these efforts, the company has not only improved its internal efficiency but also managed to secure several significant clients for OIM, further strengthening its market position.

Now, as a natural next step, Jesper is ready to take over the leadership as CEO and continue leading OIM and all its employees toward the vision: “To make a difference through innovative product development.”

– “It is with great humility that I take on the CEO role for OIM. I look back with joy at my 3 years at OIM. One of my primary goals is to continue nurturing and developing the OIM culture that all employees have built over the years while creating the most innovative products with our customers. I can already share that one of OIM’s long-term goals is to become one of Sweden’s best employers with the employee in focus, a journey I look forward to making,” says Jesper Hallberg, CEO of OIM.

– “I look forward to an exciting and promising future under Jesper’s leadership and am convinced that he will continue to drive the company forward with the same dedication and passion he has shown so far. I have great confidence in Jesper’s leadership and his focus on growth,” says Arash Golshenas, co-founder and chairman of OIM Sweden.


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