What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

A Mechanical Engineer works broadly and is involved from idea to finished product. They work to improve products and usually work together in a team with a number of other different roles such as design, electronics, software, testing, and quality. Mechanical solutions are developed and adapted to the surrounding functions of a product or system. As a Mechanical Engineer, it is important to talk about features!

The need/behavior then controls which solution it becomes, so-called function-based construction.


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What is the difference between a Mechanical Engineer from a Mechanical Designer?

My role as a Mechanical Engineer involves a greater holistic approach that requires an understanding of other disciplines in addition to one’s own. A high understanding of each other’s disciplines allows us to collaborate better and more efficiently, which means that we reach the customer’s goals faster.


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What's the most joyful project you've worked on?

It´s very difficult to choose one of all projects. Elonroad was fun because it was a new technology to work with. Diagonal Bio was a very fun project because we got to be involved from the beginning, from design to production. Being able to work in-house with a team with disciplines from design to electronics and software allows us to take a holistic approach that few can, and thus give the customer a better solution.

We have a flat organization so I have been involved in everything from how we work more efficiently in our roles to being involved in quotation writing for our customers to final development and validation.

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Fredrik's top three tips

Three tips for becoming a better Mechanical Engineer.



Think function, not a solution.

The need/behavior then controls which solution it becomes, so-called function-based construction.


Be curious about why things look and work the way they do.

Take things apart and examine them thoroughly.



Gain practical experience from different situations, materials, and functions.

Get involved in as many different projects as you can.


Do you benefit from the knowledge in your daily work that you gained while studying?

In high school, I studied technics and then I studied 120 points in college. In college, I studied Mechanical Engineering with a focus on energy and the environment.
I think the training provided a good foundation, and you learn where to find knowledge.

However, the most important thing is to constantly be curious.


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Do you have a dream assignment as a Mechanical Engineer?

I have lots of ideas but it would have been fun to develop my recumbent bike. I have made a prototype at home but it would have been fun to optimize it and get it as fast and stylish as possible without affecting other features such as packing possibilities, safety, and ease of use.


What makes OIM different from other companies you've worked in?

OIM offers greater variety and here you also get to work closely with all the disciplines in product development. We work with everything from ideas, design, mechanics, electronics, software, project management, and quality.

As a consultant in other companies, you can easily end up in an assignment when you only get to draw all day, and of course, it is good and educational, but for me who is a little more experienced, it attracts me to go out in the workshop and screw together what you have drawn to see if it works or not.

What attracted me to OIM was clearly the in-house business.


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What software do you use in your work?

Mainly, I use a CAD program called SolidWorks. Since you do a lot of prototype development in-house, you also use other programs such as Lightburn for the laser cutter, Prusa slicer for the 3D printers and Fusion 360 for our CNC mill.

Otherwise, I work in the Office suite to create bill of materials, reports and presentations.


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Do you want to work as a Mechanical Engineer?

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