Industrial Design

What does an industrial designer do?

An industrial designer creates and develops products based on various aspects such as user experience or brand. Combining aesthetics, function, and economic thinking can design, test, and evaluate new concepts. Getting the product to “talk” using design language is vital for good and competitive design.



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What software do you use as an industrial designer?

As an industrial designer, you jump between many different tools to use the right tool for the right purpose. When we talk about software, there are six in particular that I use in everyday life: Fusion360, Rhino, KeyShot, Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Together with this software, I sketch digitally and create mockups and prototypes.

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Three quick questions

We asked our industrial designer Filip Larsson three quick questions.



The best thing about your role?

The best thing about working as an industrial designer is that you get to be creative and explore new ideas while talking to many different people and hearing about their experiences.


Funniest project?

In a product I´ve been working with this fall we had real challenges due to a design language that communicated ambiguity. No one in the office could understand how the product should be used which created many laughs. The biggest and most fun challenge with this was to turn this product into a luxury premium product for a discerning target group. We succeeded!


Do you have a dream project?

A dream assignment would be to design a toy. What is exciting and challenging is to use my experience and see how to influence children’s development and their learning through good design.

Do you benefit from the knowledge gained during your studies in your daily work?


During your studies, you accumulate both experience and knowledge. You also have the opportunity to start building your portfolio, which is an industrial designer’s most important document to use when looking for a job.

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Why did you choose to become an industrial designer?

I chose to become an industrial designer to create more value in people’s lives through good design. I like the feeling when users get a WOW feeling from what I have designed. I think the combination of technology, people, and brands is exciting!

What products have you worked on in 2022?

I have worked on a number of different products during the year. One of the products is in medical technology and will change the way we detect viruses. A complex product with many challenges.

Another consumer-oriented product that I have been involved in developing is an equestrian accessory to enhance the riding experience.

The projects here at OIM Sweden are very varied, and challenging, but very fun. The biggest advantage of working in-house is being able to be part of so many different projects.

A face mask produced in the medtech area

Five tips from Filip to become a great Industrial Designer

1. Dare to go against the norm!
2. Believe in your cause, and be confident.
3. Spend time on details but don’t forget the big picture.
4. Don’t just think about design, it’s important to include all parts such as brand, economy, environment, and production.
5. Have fun and don’t be too serious!

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I have an idea. How do I proceed?

Start creating a product now and do it in your spare time. Start from scratch and go as far as you can, it’s a great learning experience. And don’t just think about the product, think about the whole thing and bring in both the user and the brand and create a product that communicates through the design language.

Realize a dream project that you may have been thinking about!

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