OIM appoints a new acting CEO

OIM Sweden appoints new acting CEO

After the summer holidays, Ann Kryhl informed the Board that she wishes to resign as operational CEO of OIM Sweden. The decision is something that has emerged over a long period of time and which has landed in the decision that a pure HR role is a forum in which she thrives best. The process to find a new CEO who can lead the company on its continued journey of growth, has already been initiated. From today’s date until a new CEO is in place, Ali Jehanfard (one of the founders of OIM Sweden) will take on the role of acting CEO.

Ali Jehanfard, 0766-10 90 89, ali.jehanfard@oimsweden.com

Arash Golshenas, 0737-77 43 42, arash.golshenas@oimsweden.com

Peter Arndt, 0708-62 70 20, peter.arndt@oimsweden.com