Peter Arndt, owner of OIM looks back at the past year

Looking back at the past year

Another fantastic year is over. Despite the aftermath of a protracted pandemic, we have managed to expand and further develop the company in several positive directions to strengthen our position in the market as an innovative product development company with a focus on both innovation and people.

Some highlights are, among other things, that we have expanded our customer base with 35 new customers, many in a sector we invest a little extra much in, namely MedTech. We have also reorganized ourselves and filled up new positions such as a Deputy CEO and a Marketing Manager, both with long experience from the consulting industry and with both feet stably standing in brand building and value-creating organization.

We have also strengthened our organization with additional competent employees in the noble art of product development and have also taken the step to become even more innovative and industry-independent.

In addition to our internal change, we have also had the pleasure of further increasing our turnover and reached the goal of becoming a Gazelle Company, we ended up in place 13 out of 99 appointed in Skåne, this particular achievement we are a little extra proud of, as it is required that the entire organization pulls in the same direction to succeed, something that the award has proven that we have managed.

If we look from the perspective of social responsibility and the ability to contribute, we must highlight pandemic relief initiatives that a shining example of innovation can create if it is used in a way where knowledge, humanity, collaboration, and social responsibility interact. The initiative started with the foundation of helping the heroes of the healthcare system with substandard protection from infections. This initiative has now resulted in a new product meeting reality, hopefully already in 2022 in a joint project with Sundström Safety.

It is often said that when a crisis strikes, an organization is strengthened if the basic conditions are in place, I would like to say that we have proven this by far during the past year and we end the year by standing even stronger for the next financial year.

/Peter Arndt, CEO, OIM Sweden