OIM signs framework agreement with TEQCool

OIM signs framework agreement with TEQCool

August 12, 2020

Our investment in differentiating ourselves and expanding our range of services has fallen into place on the market. The services we offer cover the entire spectrum from taking an idea in its simplest form forward, both technically, commercially and in terms of capital requirements. We have succeeded in becoming a bridge between both business development support and the technical expertise, where our customers often need support.

In addition to our wider range of services, we have also invested in new, more function-adapted facilities, became certified according to ISO 13485, which now allows us to develop and produce medical equipment. The certification is a rigourous process to obtain and if we add our range of services as a complement, we are probably unique as a company, as we have the opportunity to financially strengthen our customers’ projects.

Fortunately, our new facilities are large enough to function in times when we need to keep more physical distance between us. This has resulted in us being able to carry out our assignments without hindrance and complete the projects we have undertaken.

Summer is normally a tough time in the consulting world, but this year we can state that we have almost doubled our sales compared to the previous year. As the finishing touch, we can also be pleased that we have been entrusted to enter into a framework agreement for both development and production with TEQCool AB, a Lund company in medical technology. A few words from their CEO, Fredrik Radencrantz about why OIM Sweden is a suitable partner:

“Our positive experiences from our close collaboration with OIM, from which we have hired various consulting services over the past two years, have now also resulted in a long-term collaboration agreement that includes production planning and production of our refrigeration unit, with a planned launch at the end of 2021. Our deeper collaboration will result in many positive and measurable synergies as we both call for cutting-edge expertise and locate the production of our refrigeration unit at OIM, a company with both MedTech experience and ISO13485 certification, just a few kilometers from our office. ”

Peter Arndt
CEO – OIM Sweden AB

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OIM in-house plants
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