Let's innovate together

Let's innovate together

August 13, 2020

We are always looking to work with talented people. We strive to combine technology, design, management and entrepreneurship in a high-quality project output. We have a rich legacy of changing existing situations into preferred ones.

We are a mix of mechanical engineers, business developers, industrial designers, embedded systems developers, theoretical physicists and many more, and the personalities of our co-worers differ just as much. We find enormous strength in our differing personal and career backgrounds and apply them on a daily basis to our projects.

Sure that is nice but why should I work with OIM?

Glad you asked! We try to create a work atmosphere to boost creativity and to be flexible to the individuals needs.
Do you prefer to be On-site or In-House?

We have on-site consultants as well as an in-house operation and development. No matter if you want to work on-site or in-house, we make sure that you have an open channel to all colleagues and a way to share the vast expertise under one roof.

Be part of an evolving culture.

We are an adaptive company and we continue to evolve every day. If something is important for you, we want to make that a priority. We want our colleagues to be a part of creating our company culture to make sure we continue to evolve into an even more amazing place to work.

I have a great idea for a project!

That is awesome! We want to help you realize it. If our team members have great ideas, we want to be a platform to make them a reality. We can assist with finding funding, creating prototypes and connect to the right network of people.

OIM in-house plants
OIM in-house plants
OIM doubled in size
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