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Mechanical Engineering
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Railway Emergency
Brake System.

As a last resort if a train should loose control of their systems, a last barrier system is needed in order to stop the train-set from catastrophic derailment and consequences. Our client wanted us to create a new version of their brake buffer system.
The system needed to comply with the rigorous standards of the Swedish Transportation Agency in a product that would ensure complete trustworthiness time after time. In order to comply with these specifications we, in addition to the brake elements, also designed a rig to allow our client to test the end product to make sure that it always delivered to be of highest safety standard.
We delivered a system of train brake buffers that will decelerate an out of control train-set, reducing the risk on life and material. In addition, we constructed an ad-hoc test rig to allow the client to test the buffers according to specifications to ensure that each product leaving the production ensures the highest level of security.